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Ron Brendle

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Weird Charlotte: Are you originally from Charlotte, or did you come here from somewhere else? If you came here from somewhere else, where was that, when did you land here, and why?

Ron: Born in Charlotte, grew up in Statesville, NC, graduated from ASU, lived briefly in NY, moved to Charlotte in 1977 to apprentice with violin maker John Sipe.

WC: Of all you've contributed to the cultural fabric of Charlotte, what are some of your personal favorites?

Ron: I've played bass here for about 30 years including some personaly memorable performances with jazz legends Mose Allison, Charlie Byrd, Lee Konitz, Andrew Hill and Jason Marsalis to name a few. Since moving here, I feel like maybe I've helped introduce some people to the music of Ornette Coleman.

WC: What strengthens your dedication to do what you do, in spite of the fact that Charlotte has not yet developed a critical mass of creatively-attuned people?

Ron: There are good musicians and a lot of gigs here. Plus, new people from all over the world are moving here every day.

WC: What sometimes discourages you about Charlotte and makes you dream of living somewhere else? And where would that somewhere else be?

Ron: The buttoned-down conservative vibe can get to me. I'd like to live in New York or Tokyo.

WC: What would help make Charlotte a more vibrant cultural city?

Ron: I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's not NASCAR.

WC: What can we do right now to make Charlotte a more vibrant cultural city?

Ron: Support local artists, musicians and clubs that try to make the scene better. For example, if you like jazz you can hear it at Blue, MacIntosh's, Madison's, Sullivan's, sometimes at The Pewter Rose, The Evening Muse, Harry & Jeans, SK Net Café and The Neighborhood Theatre. Also check out my calendar to find out where I'm playing.

WC: Let's say there's some creative person out there who's considering moving to Charlotte. If you could say one thing to them, what would it be?

Ron: I hope you're patient.