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NoDa stands for North Davidson Street, the main drag of this old industrial neighborhood. It's getting gentrified, but that's not all bad. A lot of us miss the grungy old days, but the change is also bringing some economic life back to the 'hood. The weirdness that used to happen on North Davidson between 35th and 36th Streets has spread out to nearby areas, and the metamorphosis in interesting to watch. 36th Street and North Davidson is the center of the new cleaned-up NoDa, but drive on down to Area 15 at 15th Street and North Davidson to get a feel for the old-school grunge.

Early pioneers in the revitalization of NoDa were Paul Sires and Ruth Ava-Lyons, owners of Center of the Earth, Paul McBroom of Neighborhood Theatre fame, K.C. Terry, former owner of Fat City, and Lepton Neutrino, former owner of 23 Studio, Pat's Tavern and The Wrightnow Gallery. And Pat Nevitt, of course, owner of the original Pat's Tavern who was never seen without a hat and who was on occasion dropped off at the bar in a white limousine.

Neighborhood businesses include Addie's Jamaican Cuisine, Area 15, ArtHouse, Art Preserve, Beet, Boudreaux's, Cabo Fish Taco, Center of the Earth, Consolidated Press, Dog Bar, Green Rice Designs, Hart-Witzen Gallery, Mamalu, Mellow Mushroom, Neighborhood Theatre, New Waves of Joy, Real Eyes Bookstore, Sunshine Daydreams, The Evening Muse, The Rat's Nest and Wine Up. Not saying all these are weird, just that they're there.

If you have a business in this area and would like to be listed, or if you'd like to be linked to your website, drop us a line.

Click on the thumbnail below see a spread on NoDa created by Little Shiva for Rift Magazine #2 in October 2003. It's pretty much a fluff piece about the changes taking place in the neighborhood, but the layout's pretty.

Living Art with Little Shiva, Rift Magazine #2, October 2003