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thanx, weirdos!

Make Charlotte Weird is the brainchild of Little Shiva, creator of this website. Gratitude goes out to the Austin folks for starting the whole weirdness concept in the first place – that would be the original Austin weirdos, not the ones who copyrighted the slogan and started bullying people with lawsuits about it.

Tom Davidson did the current Make Charlotte Weird banner, and Little Shiva did the smaller flash animations to the right of it.

The little navigation doo-dads are Hemera photo objects.

Little Shiva's personal thank-you's:

The little bug in my ear first came from Brooke Edge when she told me about Keep Louisville Weird. It reminded me of the Austin site, which I knew of but hadn't thought of imitating yet. Brooke was one of the participants in the "Charlotte coolness initiative", which challenged citizens to get off their butts and do something.

Phoenixsong Alysia Stellamaris and Gizmo kept me on track with the original title concept – "make Charlotte weird" – when I got enthusiastic about another name one of them suggested over brunch at the Early Girl Eatery in Asheville, which was "keep Charlotte corporate" (NOT!)

Linda Vista suggested bankers as bowling pins in the splash page animation and suggested a Weird Parade, which hopefully will happen someday.

Chuck Barger came up with the Weird Scene Investigator, Random Acts of Weirdness and Jesus was Really Weird concepts. Chuck's company Interactive Knowledge created the famous Off the Map website for PBS. Since this site was created, Chuck's traded the web biz for a shopkeeper's life at Common Market on Camden Street.

Thanx to all the participating weirdos, and thanx also to the following people who've contributed additional site content or useful suggestions: John W. Love Jr. for conceptual feedback, plus Christine of Charlotte, David Moore, Pamela Meister and Sheila Bumgarner for their help uncovering weird historical facts about Titty City. If you've contributed and don't see your name here, spank me!

A big fat special thanx to my Danish firecracker grandma Hot Rod.

mCw in the media

14 May 2006: The Charlotte Observer, story by Emily Benton for the arts section
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Charlotte Observer story, 05/14/06

18 May 2006: Little Shiva on the Keith Larson show, WBT, 10-11 am. Click here to download the segment.

7 March 2007: Creative Loafing does a whole issue on the theme of Weird Charlotte, with Little Shiva on the cover. Click here to read Perry Tannenbaum's feature article.

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